Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

Contoh Percakapan Reservasi Hotel ( Example Hotel Reservation )

Receptionist         : Good morning, Bentani Hotel. May I help you?
Mrs. Venna           : Yes, I’d like to book a room, please.
Receptionist         : Sure, When whould it be, mam?
Mrs. Venna           : September the 01st
Receptionist         : How long will you be staying?
Mrs. Venna           : 3 days two nights
Receptionist         : what kind of room would you like, mam?
Mrs. Venna           : Single room with bath and mini bar.
Receptionist         : Okay mam, I’ll just check. Yes, we have a room, the 2nd floor with a really splendid                                       view.
Mrs. Venna           : Fine. How much is the charge per night?
Receptionist         : Would you like breakfast?
Mrs. Venna           : Yes,sure.
Receptionist         : It’s one million rupiah’s per night excluding tax.
Mrs. Venna           : that’s fine.
Receptionist         : Under what name would you like the reservation, please?
Mrs. Venna           : Mrs. Venna. That’s V-E-N-N-A
Receptionist         : Okay, let me make sure I got that Mrs. Venna. Single room with bath and mini bar,                                        for  01st, 02nd, 03th. Is that correct mam?
Mrs. Venna           : Yes, it is. Thank you.
Receptionist         : Thank you for choosing Bentani Hotel and have a nice day. Good bye.
Mrs. Venna           : Good Bye.

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Adi Artha mengatakan...

yang contoh canceling reservation gak ada kak ?
twitter @adiarthan fb : adhie dhu dhe dho
sebelumnya makasih

Adi Artha mengatakan...

yang contoh canceling gak ada kak ?
@adiarthan fb adhie dhu dhe dho